The Dangriga Boys & Girls Club (D.B.G.C.) is a youth initiative which has been a brainchild of the Wagiya Football Club. It was specifically designed to provide a farm system to feed the senior team. This club founded in 2003, by Nelson Moss and his executive management, is available to 7 Zones in Dangriga Town which includes: Southside, Rivas Estate, Foreshore, Sabals Community, Benguche, Wagirale, and Ghans Avenue.

In every zone there are coordinators working with children under the ages of 12, 15 and 19 years (U-12, U-15, U-19). The football arena is the focal point but as the coordinators get to know the children better they will find out that there is more to these children than football. That is where the legal aspect of the Dangriga Boys and Girls club comes into play. In essence this is a social program and we intend to run it forever and have evaluations done on a yearly basis.

The objectives of the club is as follows:

 1. Provide wholesome, supervised activities for the youths of Dangriga

 2. Organize structure to address issues affecting youths

 3. Provide sporting skills training

 4. Coordinate charitable activities e.g. community outreach

 5. To establish the club as a self-sustainable entity

 6. Network with various ministries e.g. sports, education, and human development.

D.B.G.C. is a place where the minds of the young people can grow and so far we have successfully organized competitions at the U-12, U-15, and U-19 levels. We create profiles for all our club members and record their statistics and update them as regularly as possible, as a way of promoting their football career. Data basing is a major part of why this youth initiative is so important because it will give young athletes a solid foundation.   

The Dangriga Boys & Girls Club has made a gigantic stride in getting local businesses to contribute and so far with our sponsors countrywide, we are able to make our dreams a reality for all youths in Southern Belize but the journey is ongoing. The establishment of an Academy on a plot of land located at Mile 3 on the Southern Highway for the Wagiya Football Club is our next major aspiration.

If you would like to assist the D.B.G.C. and the youths of Southern Belize, contact us and find out how you can make a difference in the lives of  our Belizean young people.

The Dangriga Boys & Girls Club is registered and certified under the seal of Belize Companies and Affairs Registry on the 18th day of May, 2006. It was founded on January 27th 2003 by Nelson Moss with his background in Social Work from 1997-2000, and his professional level skills in Belizean Football. 

Executive Management


Director    -- Nelson Moss

Treasure  -- Elton Sabal

Secretary -- Madlene Noralez

Members  -- Beverly Cadle

                          Stephen Laurie



Proud & Happy members of the Wagiya Football U-12 Club since 2003.