My name is Nelson Moss, the youngest of five brothers who were the original founders of the Wagiya Football Club way back in 1984. The man who names the team at that time was our brother-in-law Conrad "Faltas" Nolberto. Wagiya means "We" in Garifuna.

The club was born simultaneously with the original Turtle Shell Band led by Pen Cayetano. The Turtle Shell Band and Wagiya Football Club were one; at that time the band gave Wagiya its cultural identity since the band members were also part of the team. My eldest brother, Nolbert Moss who is now an engineer in the US, was responsible for the status in Belizean sport that Wagiya now enjoys. He was a great coach and a visionary in management and had produced some outstanding football talent e.g. Benedict Lopez & Henry Moss.

Wagiya was divided in 1992 after Nolbert migrated to the United States of America. The sentimental value of Wagiya was too great to be thrown away and so came the revival in 2004. This renaissance was led by myself, Nelson Moss. I organized a group of players and executives and in our first year in the semi-pro league we reached the playoffs. The fans support was tremendous and Wagiya remain the team of the people.

Nelson Moss (Wagiya Owner)

I am presently employed with the Ministry of Natural Resources at the Lands Department in Belmopan City. I live in Dangriga so I commute daily to see that my wife Rachel, my son Warren, my daughter Raenelle and Wagiya are looked after. It's a demanding task but I would not have it any other way.

Godfrey Arzu played a vital       
role in attracting sponsorship    
and in the general organization
of the Wagiya Football Club!